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Book Details: HardcoverISBN-13: 9781954119130120 pages; 66 Black & White Photographs8 x 10 inches$45 USFeatured in: HyperAllergic, British Journal of Photography, All About Photo, Musee Magazine, L’Oeil de la Photographie, Gothamist, Art Daily, LF Magazine (Spain), and The Daily Advent.Beach Lovers is a series of intimate moments shared by couples at the beaches of  NYC. These moments hold intimate gestures of couples; some tender, rubbing sunscreen on a partner's back; others lustful, a deep kiss in the water. Being amongst the waves and sand emboldens couples to enjoy more affectionate freedom, their inhibitions less hidden than anywhere else observed in the city. Beach Lovers is about the public display of intimacy between couples from diverse backgrounds, a claiming of public space for private tenderness.Erica Reade is originally from Montreal Canada, and she has been living and working in NYC for over 15 years. Reade holds an MA in International Affairs from New School University, with a background in photography for social change. She became a freelance photographer in 2018. She spends as much time at the beach as possible, and her personal work is a reflection of that.Gulnara Samoilova is a fine art and street photographer based in New York City and the founder of @WomenStreetPhotographers Instagram feed and the traveling exhibition. Before moving to New York City in 1992, Samoilova was the only female fine art photographer in the Autonomous Republic of Bashkortostan, where she was born, in Ufa, the capital. She received national and international awards for her photographs from 9/11, including first prize in the most prestigious World Press Photo competition, The New York Press Club, and she was named Interphoto Photographer of the Year. View Details

BOOK INFO Paperback, 5.5 X 8 In. / 136 Pages ISBN 9780983231615 List Price: $14.95 Featured by The New Yorker Edited by Will Steacy Photographs Not Taken is a collection of essays by photographers about moments that never became a picture. Conceived and edited by Will Steacy, each photographer was asked to abandon the camera and, instead, use words to recreate the image that never made it through their lens.Featuring contributions from over sixty photographers! Dave Anderson, Timothy Archibald, Roger Ballen, Thomas Bangsted, Juliana Beasley, Nina Berman, Elinor Carucci, Kelli Connell, Paul D'Amato, Tim Davis, KayLynn Deveney, Doug Dubois, Rian Dundon, Amy Elkins, Jim Goldberg, Emmet Gowin, Gregory Halpern, Tim Hetherington, Todd Hido, Rob Hornstra, Eirik Johnson, Chris Jordan, Nadav Kander, Ed Kashi, Misty Keasler, Lisa Kereszi, Erika Larsen, Shane Lavalette, Deana Lawson, Joshua Lutz, David Maisel, Mary Ellen Mark, Laura McPhee, Michael Meads, Andrew Moore, Richard Mosse, Zwelethu Mthethwa, Laurel Nakadate, Ed Panar, Christian Patterson, Andrew Phelps, Sylvia Plachy, Mark Power, Peter Riesett, Simon Roberts, Joseph Rodriguez, Stefan Ruiz, Matt Salacuse, Alessandra Sanguinetti, Aaron Schuman, Jamel Shabazz, Alec Soth, Amy Stein, Mark Steinmetz, Joni Sternbach, Hank Willis Thomas, Brian Ulrich, Peter Van Agtmael, Massimo Vitali, Hiroshi Watanabe, Alex Webb, Rebecca Norris WebbFeatured in the New York Times, New Yorker, TIME, Wall Street Journal, Guardian, La Repubblica, Wired, Photograph, and Artnet  View Details
Book Details: Paper over boardISBN-13: 978-1942084679104 pages; 55 Color photographs9 x 11 inches$45 US; $65.50 CAN “tender, reverential documents about a people, place and time that live on as a persistent part of American culture…”, - The Washington Post, August 16, 2019“The photographs Boillot has created are a visual record not only of this particular moment in time, this place, but also the experiences and memories of her subjects, a deeply personal collection of time. “,- Light Leaked“ ...photographer Rachel Boillot has captured an underexplored music scene informed by tradition and religion…”,- The Guardian, April 22, 2019Also featured by Financial Times, F-Stop Magazine and Fraction MagazinePhotographs by Rachel BoillotEdited by Rachel Boillot and Sasha WolfContributions by Lisa Volpe Moon Shine explores musical heritage in America’s Appalachian region. Old-time music, faith, and story-telling all inform this portrait of place. These photographs were made along the serpentine mountain roads between Signal Mountain and Cumberland Gap, tracing Tennessee’s Cumberland Trail corridor. Listening to the sounds of revelation springing from deep in the hollow, Boillot considered how this might translate to visual imagery. Boillot is still somewhere out there on one of those roads and she is still listening.Rachel Boillot is a photographer, Filmmaker, and educator based in Cumberland Gap, TN.Lisa Volpe is the Associate Curator, Photography at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.Sasha Wolf is a curator, editor, and art dealer in New York City and the director of Sasha Wolf Projects. View Details
Book Details: Paper over boardISBN-13: 9781942084907166 pages; 60 Color Photographs13 x 8 1/2  inches$45 US; $58.99 CAN "The first thing that strikes you while looking at the book is the beauty of the photographs. But as you drill down into them, you start to see that they are also documents of loss." - The Washington Post, December 9, 2020"The images document abandoned industrial and residential sites, as well as the toxic side effects of urban growth. They shine a light on the consequences of past planning decisions, institutional racism, environmental disregard, and America’s unchecked manifest destiny." - Photobook JournalAlso featured in:DiggPhotographs by Travis FoxForeword by Philip KennicottRemains To Be Seen explores a disappearing but still tangible American landscape, from the rust-belt towns of the Midwest to the borscht-belt resorts of the Catskill mountains. Using aerial photography with documentary candor and precision, Travis Fox creates a visually sumptuous record of former industrial sites and abandoned neighborhoods that persist as incisions on the landscape, scars in the memory, and traces of healing. Fox finds patterns that would be undetectable from the ground, uncovering a new visual record of old and debilitating problems, from institutionalized racism to environmental destruction. Remains to be Seen offers a bracing vision of an America that has become so familiar that it is, paradoxically, invisible to many Americans. Through a view from above, detached but vulnerable, his camera counters that disappearance and connects old landscapes to contemporary conscience.Travis Fox is an Emmy Award-winning journalist and the Director of Visual Journalism at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY.Philip Kennicott is the Pulitzer Prize-winning Senior Art and Architecture Critic of the Washington Post.  View Details

BOOK INFO Paper Over Board, 11 X 9 In. / 96 Pages  / 45 ColorISBN 9781942084204 List Price: $45.00“...these fresh, layered and technically complex images examine the possibilities in the un-sensed and unimagined...”, - Artdaily, September 4, 2016“Kyne uses light and perspective to create a mysterious world that otherwise would go undiscovered.”, - Musee Magazine, November 8, 2016“...the photographs in A Crack in the World shift human vision into an extraordinary terrain, one where Kyne and her camera revel.”, - KQED Arts (NPR), November 16, 2016Photographs by Barbara Kyne Contributions by Susan Griffin A Crack In The World presents Barbara Kyne's photographs of the five acres which she and her partner share in Mariposa, California. Kyne photographs as a means understanding so-called reality, wondering what lies outside of the environment that she can detect with her own limited human biology. Ultimately, Kyne produces a photography of nature that does not rely on the nature genre, or even on the subject matter of nature for engagement or visual enjoyment, but instead examines the possibilities in the not-sensed and the imagined. A Crack In The World contains fresh and elegant, yet layered and technically complex photographs that inspire empathy for all beings, and the planet that sustains them. An accompanying essay by Susan Griffin examines the artistic and theoretical implications of this deceptively simple body of work.Barbara Kyne is an artist based in Oakland, California. Her work has been shown at SF Camerawork, Photo Center NW, the Trition Museum of Art, The Kala Institute, and the Bedford Gallery, and is featured in many contemporary photography books and publications. View Details
BOOK INFOPaper over Board, 11 X 10 In. / 148 Pages / 60 Color PhotographsISBN 9781942084488List Price: $45.00“Photographer Nish Nalbandian gives some of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees a face, a body, a voice. He invites us to identify, to feel compassion.”, - F-Stop Magazine, May 23, 2018“What makes his work different is its focus not simply on Syrian refugees as victims but on the diversity of their experiences.”,- Royal Photographic Society, July 2018Also featured by: Artdaily L'Oeil de la Photographie Professional Photographer MagazinePhotographs by Nish Nalbandian Foreword by Greg Campbell Contributions by Javier Manzano, Carmen Gentile, and Karam Shoumali A Handful of Dust is an essential collection of reportage for those following the conflict in Syria and its impact on the rest of the world.A Handful of Dust gives a glimpse into the approximately 3 million Syrians who have fled war in their home country and are living in Turkey. Nish has been following this story for several years, chronicling the circumstances of many whose lives have been upended and forced to flee. Most registered refugees don't live in camps, they live in Turkish towns and cities, alongside their new Turkish neighbors. While many refugees are very poor, and most find themselves in a precarious position, there are also working class, middle class, and wealthy Syrians who have made this exodus.Nish Nalbandian has photographed in more than thirty-five countries worldwide in a variety of environments and continues to cover Syrian Refugee issues. Nalbandian's awards include First Prize for Conflict photography in the 2014 IPA, the Gold Medal for War Photography in the 2014 PX3, and many more. View Details

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