A Crack in the World

Barbara Kyne

Paper Over Board, 11 X 9 In. / 96 Pages  / 45 Color
ISBN 9781942084204
List Price: $45.00

“...these fresh, layered and technically complex images examine the possibilities in the un-sensed and unimagined...”,
- Artdaily, September 4, 2016

“Kyne uses light and perspective to create a mysterious world that otherwise would go undiscovered.”,
- Musee Magazine, November 8, 2016

“...the photographs in A Crack in the World shift human vision into an extraordinary terrain, one where Kyne and her camera revel.”,
- KQED Arts (NPR), November 16, 2016

Photographs by Barbara Kyne
Contributions by Susan Griffin 

A Crack In The World presents Barbara Kyne's photographs of the five acres which she and her partner share in Mariposa, California. Kyne photographs as a means understanding so-called reality, wondering what lies outside of the environment that she can detect with her own limited human biology. Ultimately, Kyne produces a photography of nature that does not rely on the nature genre, or even on the subject matter of nature for engagement or visual enjoyment, but instead examines the possibilities in the not-sensed and the imagined. A Crack In The World contains fresh and elegant, yet layered and technically complex photographs that inspire empathy for all beings, and the planet that sustains them. An accompanying essay by Susan Griffin examines the artistic and theoretical implications of this deceptively simple body of work.

Barbara Kyne is an artist based in Oakland, California. Her work has been shown at SF Camerawork, Photo Center NW, the Trition Museum of Art, The Kala Institute, and the Bedford Gallery, and is featured in many contemporary photography books and publications.