Chris Maliwat

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ISBN-13: 9781954119154
128 pages; 74 Color Photographs
8 x 8 inches
$45 US

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Featured in Lenscratch.

New York City subways – the century-old transit system has survived two World Wars, the Great Depression, and Hurricane Sandy. It and the millions of citizens that rely on it as their daily lifeline will also survive the COVID-19 pandemic. Subwaygram captures mobile phone street portraits of the diverse community of riders two years before and two years after the first case was confirmed in New York City and the commonalities in the fleeting moments of their journeys.

Chris Maliwat has been photographing the subway for many years and sharing the images on his Subwaygram Instagram feed. Daylight is pleased to offer this selection of favorites collected in the artist's first monograph.

Chris Maliwat is a street-portrait photographer who captures surreptitious moments of everyday people on their journeys in the cities where they live. 

Aaron L. Morrison is a New York City-based journalist whose work on race, criminal justice and grassroots social movements has been published by The Associated Press, the global nonprofit news wire.