A Long and Echoing Light: Notes from a Pandemic

Jon Plasse

Book Details
Hardcover with Dust Jacket
ISBN-13: 978-1-954119-11-6
92 pages; 45 Black & White Photographs
11 x 9 inches
$45 US

“A Long & Echoing Light takes us on a deep and meditative journey, reframing the artist’s familiar interiors, routines and objects into softening abstraction, breaking their lines and finding solace in their presence during a  long period of isolation during the pandemic.” - Michael Foley

Featured in: LF Magazine.

Over the course of the pandemic, Jon Plasse photographed familiar objects around his home. The resulting series, in turns subtle and startling, evokes the intensity, monotony and disorientation of life in isolation.


Jon Plasse focuses his work on memorializing a special time, place or experience - often represented by personal loss, solitude, excitement or mystery.

Chuck Kelton is a photographer who makes chemograms and photograms transforming light, chemistry and paper into abstract landscapes. He is also a master printer, for over 35 years handling the work of a wide variety of highly regarded photographers.