Dammed: Birth to Death of the Colorado River

Debbie Bentley

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ISBN-13: 9781954119314
192 pages; 80 Photographs
8.5  x 11 inches
$50 US

Introduction by Debbie Bentley
Interview with Linda Connor

Featured in: Art Daily and Boulder Weekly.

Dammed follows the roughly 1,450-mile main stem of the Colorado River, from birth in the Rocky Mountain National Park to its end at the border of Mexico, and the 16 dams and diversions along its course. The multi-year photographic project documents the river, dams, reservoirs, and people interacting with the river along this route. The intent of this environmental photography project is to bring attention to the increasingly arid condition of the Colorado River basin, and prompt discussion and learning about not only the Colorado River watershed, but of water supply in general.

Debbie Bentley is a photographer and multi-disciplinary artist from Denver, Colorado. Her work focuses primarily on the documentation of places and environments, their connection to the internal parts of people, and the need as an artist to see and record this connectivity. 

Linda Connor’s peripatetic practice demonstrates a longstanding interest in the relationship between systems of belief and the natural world, and has seen her photographing wide-ranging subjects, from sacred sites and intricately jagged cliff faces, to antique plate-glass negatives from San Jose’s Lick Observatory and petrified bodies from the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Pompeii.