Serpent Tongue

Annie Grossinger

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ISBN-13: 9781954119291
128 pages; 100 Photographs
8  x 10 inches
$50 US

Introduction by David Unger

Featured in: The Guardian and Art Daily.

 In 1954, during the height of the Cold War, the CIA carried out a coup to overthrow the first democratically-elected president in Guatemala. In the months leading up to the coup, the CIA Station Chief in Guatemala City was Grossinger’s grandfather. Dying long before Grossinger was born, his presence still loomed like a mythological creature throughout much of her childhood. Serpent Tongue explores Guatemalan history through the lenses of power, identity and memory. 

Annie Grossinger is a documentary photographer and visual storyteller based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work primarily focuses on global health, prison reform and the long-term effects of government policy on communities. Her work on prison reentry has been featured in Buzzfeed News, Curbed and most recently, a project in collaboration with the Corporation for Supportive Housing. 

David Unger is a writer, translator, and recipient of Guatemala’s 2014 Miguel Angel Asturias National Literature Prize for lifetime achievement. His latest novel,The Mastermind (Akashic, 2016) has been translated into ten languages including Spanish, Arabic, Turkish and Italian.