News from Daylight

Musician ordered out of West Bank (BBC)

Produced by the American Colony Photo Department during the early 20th century, this image shows a family sitting in a field located in Palestine.

Rare Conservation Harnesses the Power of Photography

Oil palm plantations for the production of palm oil (used in food, soaps, detergents, cosmetics and biofuel) are one of the leading causes of deforestation in tropical rain forests around...

Thousands of toxic toads killed in Australian fest (Washington Post)

Photograph by Jim French, taken in 1979, shows a young boy holding a cane toad, an invasive species that has plagued northern Australia since 1935.   

Uncovering Lost Path of the Most Wanted Nazi (NY Times)

Taken by an unknown photographer in 1893, this image shows the city of Cairo, Egypt where, according to the New York Times, Aribert Ferdinand Heim, a member of Hitler's elite...

Red River forecast revised, but Midwest stays on flood alert (LA Times)

Produced by the USACE Public Affairs, this image shows U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' constructing emergency levees in Fargo, North Dakota.

Court considers trying former US officials over allegations of Guantanamo torture (abc News)

Taken by an unknown photographer in 1911, this image shows troops in formation at the U.S. Marines camp at Deer Point, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Christopher Sims: Guantanamo Bay podcast available...