News from Daylight

One dead in pie factory explosion (BBC)

Photograph by Ansel Adams in 1943, this image shows three co-op workers standing behind the store counter with a display of pies.

Somali Pirates Capture American Sea Captain (Washington Post)

Photograph by Howard Liberman, showing captain John Riberia on the fishing trawler Old Glory in 1942.

Gay Rights Groups Celebrate Victories in Marriage Push (NY Times)

Photograph by Warren Leffler, showing a gay rights demonstration at the Democratic National Convention, New York City in 1976.  

Italy quake toll rises to 228 (LA Times)

Uploaded by Danielh, this image shows a street in the Abruzzo province, Italy after the 6.3 magnitude earthquake that took place on Monday the 6th of April.

Stolen Cessna Pursued by Jet Fighters Lands on Highway (abc News)

Taken by an unknown photographer in 1912, this image shows Lincoln Beechey in an airplane and Barney Oldfield in an automobile racing around a track.

Obama calls for reduction in nuclear weapons (CNN)

Produced by the U.S. Army Signal Corps, this image, taken in 1943, shows a rocket that would have been launched from a bazooka.