News from Daylight

Rich list hit by economic crisis (BBC)

Photograph by Ivor Pickett, from the portfolio 'Gold Mining in Mongolia' appearing in Daylight Magazine Issue #5. Name index:  Ivor Prickett

Obama Floats Talking to Taliban (CNN)

Photograph by Thomas O'Halloran showing a group of men in Kabul, Afghanistan, during President Eisenhower's visit in 1959.

Chinese ships 'harass' US vessel (BBC)

Photograph by Bo Thomassen, from the portfolio 'The Pope and the Last Whalers' appearing in Daylight Magazine Issue #3 Name index:  Bo Thomassen

Scientists, 1910

Taken by an unknown photographer, this image depicts four scientists making cultures of parasites in a laboratory during the beginning of the 20th century.  

Jehsong Baak, a Voyager in Exile

"Nothing is more abstract than reality." - Giorgio Morandi (Italian, 1890-1964) The Jehsong Baak: Là ou Ailleurs ("Here or Elsewhere") exhibition at the Rick Wester Fine Art gallery features twenty...

Unknown, Diamond Works, 1939