News from Daylight

North Korea allows cellphone network (LA Times)

Uploaded by Scott and Sarai, this photograph, taken in 2007, shows a scrabbling tower in North Korea meant to block forgein TV, Internet and cell phone signals from entering the...

Argentine farmers protest export taxes (CNN)

Photograph by Eduardo Martino, from the portfolio, 'Urban Farming in Cuba' appearing in Daylight Magazine issue #7. Name index:  Eduardo Martino

'Deadly' stampede at Pope speech (BBC)

Photograph by Thomas J. O'Halloran, depicting John Paul II on a visit to the U.S. in 1979. 

Artist Defies Web Censors in a Rebuke of China (NY Times)

Uploaded by Jean Wang, this photograph was taken after a 5.12 earthquake devistated parts of China in 2008.

French Workers Return to Streets in Protest (Washington Post)

Taken by an unknown photographer, this image shows two children picketing at Raleigh Hotel waiters strike in 1920.

Guanajuato's mummies are a window on the past (LA Times)

Photograph by Jeff Wetstone, from a series of images dealing with the relationship between humans and nature appearing in Daylight Magazine issue #3. Name index:  Jeff Whetstone