News from Daylight

Red River forecast revised, but Midwest stays on flood alert (LA Times)

Produced by the USACE Public Affairs, this image shows U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' constructing emergency levees in Fargo, North Dakota.

Court considers trying former US officials over allegations of Guantanamo torture (abc News)

Taken by an unknown photographer in 1911, this image shows troops in formation at the U.S. Marines camp at Deer Point, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Christopher Sims: Guantanamo Bay podcast available...

Alaska volcano erupts again (CNN)

Photograph taken by M. Homer in 1913, showing W.A. Hesse filming the Katmai Volcano, which began a major eruption in 1912.

US aircraft parts fall on Brazil (BBC)

Photograph by Alfred T Palmer in 1942, depicting aircraft assembly training at Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, Calif.

Clinton Says U.S. Feeds Mexico Drug Trade (NY Times)

Taken by an unknown photographer in 1920, this image depicts three workers at the Bureau of Internal Revenue destroying narcotics.  

India's Art Appreciation Grows With Investment (Washington Post)

Photograph by Michael Wolf, from the portfolio, 'Copy Artists in China' appearing in Daylight Magazine issue #5 Name index:  Michael Wolf