HER2: The Diagnosed, The Caregiver and Their Son

Anna and Jordan Rathkopf


Book Details
ISBN-13: 9781954119383
132 pages; 72 Photographs
8 x 8 inches
$40 US

HER2 reveals the raw and intimate journey of Anna, the diagnosed, and Jordan, the caretaker, through an exploration of life as their young family adjusts to their new reality of cancer. Beginning with fear of the unknown, photographers, Anna and Jordan Rathkopf, together with their son Jesse, share a compelling visual narrative of love, hope, and inspiration.

Anna and Jordan Rathkopf, are an award-winning multicultural photography and video duo known for their focus on themes such as empathy, health, community, and identity. Their lenses often focus on the world of health, capturing the perspectives of both the diagnosed and caregivers, inspired by their own lived experiences. Their mission is to ignite real connections, inviting viewers to delve into universal themes portrayed with deep intimacy and unwavering authenticity. The Rathkopfs have been recognized for their work as cancer advocates, including recognition from the International Photographic Council at The United Nations for 2024 Photographic Achievement.