Arja Hyytiäinen – NOTES (exhibition in ZPAF i S-ka Gallery, Cracow from October 17th to December 6th 2008)

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Arja's photographs tell emotional stories combining her life with her art. In one example intimate human relations lead us to the floor boards of Swedish country houses and in rough casted private rooms in eastern European apartments, where the emotional world of the protagonist is created by a mattress on the floor and a sheet soaked through with the smell of the previous night.

Arja is constantly travelling. She experiences and depicts encounters with the people in her path with great intensity. Her photography is a sign that our stories will never be told other than through the image of a single moment – the photographs are a love letter to anyone whom she meets on her journey, from a pigeon, to a lunatic, to the smell of the last night.

Arja Hyytiäinen - Notes

The work of the Finnish photographer is actually shown in ZPAF i S-ka Gallery in Cracow. Arja is represented by the VU Agency in Paris. After graduating at FAMU School in Prague she lives and works in Paris and Berlin.  Over the last year Arja has shown her series “Journey” , “Medans” or “Distance now” all over Europa. She is constantly taking pictures and her recent exhibition titled “Notes” is a selection of the actual work.

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