Invites 2, Greg Stimac

This month latently, we have our 2nd Invite. I first met Greg Stimac while working at the Museum of Contemporary Photography. Greg and I shared a love of photography and troublemaking, as epitomized through our work. In fact I still cherish those long days of driving around suburbs with Greg in slow motion, listening for the far off sounds of a lawn mower. With some photography there is a keen sense of disbelief in wondering how it gets made and watching Greg in action did little to try to comprehend what motivates him to walk up to a man pushing his lawnmower on a Sunday and instantly direct him to keep on mowing for his picture. Since, Greg has made videos, photographs, some drawings and generally pushed the boundaries of what one vehicle, his car, is able to perform in it's lifetime (maybe Amy Stein will bring him some gas on the side of the road one day).

Greg's currently making new work, some of which may not even be photography some of which may, I have seen little but expect to be intrigued. Greg's Invite will may in fact contain more of an online sketchbook than a journal.

Currently you can see Greg's work in the exhibit of works from the collection of the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Chicago, USA Today until March 15. His work is also included in the traveling exhibition and catalog for World's Away: New Suburban Landscapes next at the Yale School of Architecture in New Haven, CT.

If you have questions for Greg, add them to the comments, he may or may not answer!

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