25CPW | H.T.A.D.I.T.F.

in the project room of newly opened art collective 25CPW,
H.T.A.D.I.T.F. is a contemporary art show that questions whether some
of the socioeconomic conditions of the 60s that inspired the birth of
psychedelia aren't analogous to our own current climate, and proposes
that inner exploration might be just the prescription to bring us out
of an over-saturated media haze. Using a variety of media, the artists
in this group show are all working to decode, process, or in some cases
reject, the incessant information we are being bombarded with in this
hyperreal 21st Century. This show is about looking through the grid and
celebrating the resistance.
 Artists: Martin Basher, Michael Berryhill, Per Billgren, Douglas Boatwright, Lizzie Bonaventura, Leidy Churchman, Jeff Davis, Angela Dufresne, Jacob Dyrenforth, Roe Ethridge, Samara Golden, Jason Kunke, Erika Langstroth, Pierre Le Hors, Leigh Ledare, Liz Markus, Gabriel Martinez, Martha Mysko, Russell Nachman, Davida Nemeroff, Jory Rabinovitz, Kanishka Raja, Maritza Ranero, Elise Rasmussen, Anna Rosen, Heather Rowe, John Seal, Shannon Smith, Jess Stover, Emily Thompson, Erik Wysocan, Rona Yefman.