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I had the good fortune to go to school with and get to know the lovely Pamela Pecchio, who now teaches photography at the University of Virginia, after a stint at Duke. She has just come out with a new limited edition book, entitled "509." Music industry veteran and publisher, Jefferson Holt of Daniel 13 Press, invited her into the home of his upbringing in Burlington, North Carolina two years after his Father passed away.

In Pecchio's words:
"When Jefferson approached me for this project, I was thrilled by the opportunity. My work explores my deep interest in connection to place, and well lived in homes are rich with subject matter. Before I made the work, I walked through the house with Jefferson and his mother. Both shared stories about each room and its contents. When I came back and had the place to myself for a week, I had time and freedom to explore, two things I value most in my photographic life. I worked through the house room by room. I’d begin by sitting in a room and looking all around, carefully taking in each detail, connecting some to the stories I had been told and inventing other stories of my own. Then I’d begin photographing. One photograph led naturally to the next and I stopped only when I felt I had exhausted all possibilities. Working with the large format camera is a production. It takes up more space than I do, so its presence is not insignificant. It was important to use, as it has the ability to visually control space like no other tool. I am very strict when it comes to the structure of my photographs, and seek to create tension by taking that strictly controlled frame and filling it with something less controlled, like sentiment or accident."

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