Closing soon: Cartier-Bresson at Moma

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If you have not yet seen the Cartier-Bresson show at Moma, get there before June 28th. I had hoped crowds would thin once the Marina Abramovic show closed, but, alas, I was wrong. It'll be "a zoo," but try to nudge in there to get close to as many of these phenomenal pictures as possible. There are many you have never seen, and may never will get the chance to see again. It is also interesting to get to see how his clients (magazines) cropped and edited and laid out his work while he was out shooting; he often never saw his images until they were already in print, having sent the film back way ahead of him. The giant maps as you walk in attest to his long trips to just about everywhere. The audio guide is even illuminating, with Peter Galassi's calming voice there to make the crowds start to melt away.

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Lisa Kereszi