Jackson Eaton: Single at Free Range Gallery

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A single night, a single man, a single photographic stand. Jackson Eaton’s third solo exhibition in Perth, entitled Single, will be a photo presentation, created and exhibited within a 24 hour time frame, examining the idea of the ‘one night stand’.

Eaton will spend the night in the Free Range gallery with a stranger, documenting the experience with Polaroid photographs, before opening the gallery to the public the next day. Photos taken over the course of the previous night will be on display, as part of a site-based installation of the night’s activities.

In line with Eaton’s previous work, Single explores themes of intimacy and identity, boldly questioning wherein the appeal of ‘playing the field’ lies. Treading the hazy line between fiction and reality, Single aims to take a tangible approach to life after the demise of a significant relationship.

Critically, Eaton will use rare Polaroid Fade-to-Black film for the show. The film itself is a discontinued experimental material which, following development, drifts through different colour schemes before finally turning to blackness after 24 hours. Having been created over the course of the night the works in the exhibition will range from near full-colour to near total black and continue to change over time, offering a different viewing experience for each patron.

Eaton states, "The temporal degradation of the images serves as a metaphor for the experience of a one night stand, mirroring the fading of memory and judgement that tends to occur after (and sometimes during) the said event. More broadly, it relates to how these acts of emotional and sexual vulnerability influence the hardening or healing of our hearts following experiences of loss or loneliness in our lives.î

Single will be open for viewing for one day: Tuesday, August 31, from 8am to 8pm. Audiences are encouraged to visit the gallery more than once throughout the day, as the images will change significantly during the 10 hour time frame.

Free Range Gallery

Jackson Eaton

Date(s): 31st August 2010 (Tuesday), 8am – 8pm
Address: Free Range Gallery, 339 Wellington St, Perth