Daniel 13 Press and Photo Eye release Pamela Pecchio photography in “509”

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Daniel 13 Press and photo-eye announce the release of a collection of photographs by Pamela Pecchio in 509. Gleaned from the childhood home of Daniel 13 owner, Jefferson Holt, the book takes an intimate look at the nuances that make a house a home over time.  The music industry veteran and publisher invited photographer Pamela Pecchio into the Burlington, North Carolina home two years after his Father passed away.


In Pecchio's words:  "When Jefferson approached me for this project, I was thrilled by the opportunity. My work explores my deep interest in connection to place, and well lived in homes are rich with subject matter. Before I made the work, I walked through the house with Jefferson and his mother. Both shared stories about each room and its contents. …I had time and freedom to explore, two things I value most in my photographic life. I worked through the house room by room. …carefully taking in each detail, connecting some to the stories I had been told and inventing other stories of my own. “