DOC NYC: Happening Now

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Doc NYC is happen from now until November 9th.

Lost Souls and Light Matter is an artist talk by Len Herzog about her recent work Lost Souls and previews her latest work Light Matter. Lost Souls and Light Matter will be conducted on Nov 7th, 1:30pm.

Turtle: The Incredible Journey, directed by Nick Stringer, is a gorgeously photographed journey through the ocean world follows the life of a loggerhead turtle, starting as a baby on a Florida beach and migrating from the Sargasso Sea to the Gulf Stream to the shores of Africa and back to Florida to lay its eggs. This film screens on Nov 6th at 11:30am.

ANPO Art x War, a Linda Hoaglund film, efers to the US-Japan Mutual Security Treaty, which has justified the presence of 90 US military bases in Japan for six decades. There will be two showing of this film, one on Nov 6th at 2pm and the other being Nov 9th at 12pm.

On Fri. Nov. 5 (10am – 6pm) the festival will conclude with Doc Convergence, a day-long symposium bringing together documentary makers from diverse disciplines – film, photography, radio, prose, illustration, performance – for a unique exchange of ideas.

Tickets are $16 for the films and talk, $150 for the convergence, and can be purchased via the DOC NYC website,