La habitación de los Sueños

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The weekly supplement Semenal to the newspaper El Pais in Spain continues to advocate for children's right around the world (see earlier post) this week with a portfolio from photographer James Mollison. The diptychs presented in the article come from Mollison's newest monograph called Where Children Sleep, published by Chris Boot in 2010. About the work Mollison states, "My thinking was that the bedroom pictures would be inscribed with the children's material and cultural circumstances; the details that inevitably mark people apart from each other."


What impressed me, not only about the series itself, but also about the layout in Semenal, was the amount of information communicated in such a simple way. Each diptych allows for a thorough assessment of an individual circumstance, and an opportunity to to think about the lives of other in comparison to your own. Also impressive were the twelve full pages, completely free of advertisements and other distractions, that were dedicated to the feature. Nice job El Pais.

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