Facing Change: Documenting America

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Inspired by the Farm Security Administration photography project during the Great Depression, Facing Change: Documenting America is a collective of acclaimed photojournalists and writers exploring America's most pressing concerns—from health care to immigration to the cost of the war on terror. The photographers and writers working with FCDA are dedicated to covering and publishing under-reported aspects of these issues, giving voice to new perspectives.

"As media outlets yield to corporate considerations, narrowing their coverage of vital issues, FCDA is acting to fill that gap by humanizing a wide spectrum of neglected and misunderstood issues."

They have covered stories ranging from veterans as they reintegrate into civilian life; the economic crisis in the Rust Belt; a nonprofit focused on aiding incarcerated women after they are released from jail; to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, home of the nation's poorest city.

As part of their commitment to changing public discourse rather than simply raising awareness, the visual and textual narratives created through FCDA will be made accessible through an online platform—called the Public Sphere—that will allow viewers to engage in direct dialogue with the stories and issues, and to suggest stories they feel need to be covered.

See stories and learn more at the Facing Change: Documenting America website at http://facingchange.org/