Boulevard on Bowery

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In case you didn't get to Katy Grannan's fantastic shows at Salon 94 on the
strangely-relevant Bowery in April, here is some of what you missed:

Marilyn wigs
Sun-bleached sidewalk talk
Playing dress-up
Wrinkles and flaws and failures in the bleak, bright, bright California sun
Beige stucco behind/beyond beige skin
An Elvis impersonator in an empty lot
Bold, sharp digital reds
Kinky creamsicle beard hairs
Gray hair being blown in the wind, strands stuck to deep red lipsticked lips
Glasslike, piercing blue eyes
Modern-day Arbusian realness
Eight tank tops
Salvation Army floral print blouses
One spaghetti strap pulled down to reveal a tattoo and large, semi-bare
Varicose veins
Bulging veins
A swan purse
Four Fedoras
Wrinkled freckles
L'Oreal Feria Chocolate Cherry hair dye
Delusion and desire
Pose and posture
A real-life future John C. Reilly character
Drifters and grifters
A scorpion facial tat
Homemade pentagram prison tat
Moles, both real and fake
An oxygen tube with four big turquoise rings
Easter bunnies
One Bow-Wow-Wow haircut
Painted-on eyebrows
An inch-long cigarette ash
Impressive and implicit trust and collaboration
Belly fat
More wigs
Black socks with a satin dress
Hopes and Hollywood Dreams
"The best is yet to come," she uttered.