PhotoEspaña Must-Sees

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PhotoEspana is fast approaching and if you are planning to attend this year, I have a list of must-sees. The english version of the official website is pretty useless in terms of finding out information about the exhibits, so I hope this guide helps. Here is a run-down of my picks for this year:


  1. A Floating World, Photographs by Jacques Henri Lartigue (1894-1986) - This is a fantastic exhibit which I have written a full review of here. Like just about all of the exhibits in PhotoEspaña the admission is free.
  2. 1000 Faces/0 Faces/1 Face - This exhibit features two of photography most well-known portraitists Cindy Sherman and Thomas Ruff and one, until now, unknown from the early 20th Century, Frank Montero.
  3. Weight and Lightness - The photographers included in this exhibit have all been found during various portfolio reviews that PhotoESpana conducted in South America.
  4. Face Contact - This is the main survey of the festival and will most embody the theme of portraiture in all of its forms.
  5. 100 Times Nguyen, Alfredo Jaar - Although this exhibit is in Lisbon, it might be worth the trip. 
  6. The Louvre and its Visitors, Alécio de Andrade - Cartier-Bresson-like photographs of Lourve visitors in the 1960s
  7.  Men Sitting, Carlos Rodríguez-Méndez - An interesting typology of the top of old men's heads in black and white.

There are surely other great discoveries to be made at the festival which runs from June 1 until July 24 in Madrid.  Information about the venues and other activities can be found here.

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