Boris Mikhailov: Case Story at MoMa

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Ukranian-born photographer, Boris Mikhailov is heralded as being one of the most influential and signficant photographers to come out of the former Soviet Union and is currently gracing the walls of MoMa with work documenting the aftermath of the USSR's collapse. The body of work from his book, Case History, captures the lowest rung of Kharkov, Ukraine's society; the homeless. Mikhailov paid his subjects to pose for him, often nude and laying down, emphasizing the dilapidation of their conditions and the indifference they've experienced from the government. The work is beautiful, disturbing and powerful. 

"It is a disgraceful world, populated by some creatures that were once humans, but now these living beings are degraded, ghastly and appalling." - Boris Mikhailov

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