On View at Yancey Richardson Gallery

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Opening this week on June 9th, Yancey Richardson Gallery will present the work of 2 young, emerging photographers, Bryan Graf and Melanie Willhide. Both shows focus on the altered still image.

Graf's show, "Field Recordings", presents a body of work entitled "Wildlife Analysis", in which he has sandwiched negatives of animals out in nature with color film exposed only to daylight. The result is sort of toxic and unsettling. Willhide's work, "Sleeping Beauties", a group of artificial, invented artifacts that appear, at first glance, to be the backsides of old family photos. The artist uses digital means to create authentic-looking aged pieces of the detritus of memory.

Both shows run from June 9-July 15, 2011

535 West 22nd St., 3rd floor