Belfast Photo Festival 2011

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Ireland's biennial photo festival, The Belfast Photo Festival, will be bringing culture, creativity and the photographic community together this August. The exhibition lineup is looking stellar with a wide range of photographers from all over the globe. Photographer Kenneth O'Halloran, amongst a few others, represents Ireland with his exhibition entitled "Tales From the Promised Land" - a reflection on the late housing boom collapse, which has transformed areas of Ireland into half-completed ghost towns; void of inhabitants and the life Ireland's economy once promised. The US is present with photographer Allan Sekula, whose exhibition "Polonia and Other Fables" explores his ancestral ties to Poland, the Polish diaspora in Chicago and current Polish-American relations as we see them today. The image that has now become the image for the 2011 Belfast Photo Festival (visit the website) captures the shock and sensation we all experience when cool sun tanning lotion touches hot, sun-kissed skin. This image belongs to Madrid-native Lucia Herrero, whose show "Tribes" will grace the City Hall screen of the Belfast Photo Festival. If the beach is a temple for some, then its worshippers are the tribe Herrero has documented in this series. Herrero's color photography is beautiful and those photographs are only a few of the hundreds of images one will see at the 2011 Belfast Photo Festival. For more information on events and the other artists exhibiting work, visit: and for FB, visit: PhotoFestival/100001844673771

The Belfast Photo Festival will run from August 4 - August 14th