Adam Fuss' Retrospective: 1986-2010

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The Huis Marseille Museum for Photography is currently exhibiting a retrospective of photographer Adam Fuss - a man whose creativity and technical prowess has provided over three decades of work that has graced the walls of many a prestigious museum and now those of the Huis. Organized by Fundacion MAPFRE along with the artist and Cheryl Brutvan, Curator of Contemporary Art at the Norton Museum, this collection of approximately fifty images ranges in content, production and period. The silhouettes of god's little creatures (snakes and rabbits to name a few) are not only visually stunning but call attention to (one of) the cameraless photographic process Fuss has become an expert in: the photogram. As the official press release writes: Here and there his printing technique is reminiscent of the zeal and the limitations with which Daguerre and Fox Talbot, the disputed founders of photography, wanted to put their discoveries into practice. This statement is indisputably accurate - Fuss has made the largest dauguerreotypes in the world, two of which are on display at the Huis. Technical skill aside, Fuss is an artist whose work will be beneficial to its viewer.  In simple terms: this is a very exciting exhibition and should be visited if you're in the area. 

"Adam Fuss: A Survey of his Work: 1986 - 2010" runs until September 4, 2011. 

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