Dawn Till Dusk at Jen Bekman Gallery

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Something about the current show Dawn Till Dusk at Jen Bekman feels like summer.   

Maybe it’s the vivid beach scene in Christian Chaize’s Praia Piquinia 25/08/10, maybe it’s the ethereal light in Youngna Park’s Balloons (Midtown, Manhattan), maybe it’s the clear night sky in Sally Mann’s Untitled #6, Antietam, or the softness of the willow trees in Alec Soth’s Holt Cemetery.

The group exhibition, which features photographs, paintings and works on paper from twenty-six contemporary artists takes the viewer on a visual journey spanning the hours of the day – it’s set up clockwise and  provides scenes from morning to night, experimenting with light, color, and texture.   

This refreshing excursion may be taken through July 30th.  


Please visit jenbekman.com for more info.

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Alec Soth