SPBN - Self Publish, Be Naughty

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SPBN – SELF PUBLISH, BE NAUGHTY is a relentlessly provocative and uncompromising portrayal of contemporary love, sexuality, desire, gender and the taboo. This unique and collectible book presents 122 photographs from 75 contemporary artists in homage to, (and in radical subversion of), traditional mainstream erotica.

The images in Self Publish, Be Naughty are the most engaging, titillating and downright odd photographs from over 5,000 submissions.  Each of the limited editions' 1000 copies are unique, with an individual selection of pages and a selection of texts.


To view a promo video, visit http://vimeo.com/29366270

For more information, go to http://selfpublishbehappy.com/2011/09/book-de-lannee-self-publish-be-naughty/