Saturday Book Review: Grace Miceli and Aaron McLaughlin "Seeing Green"

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Seeing Green (2011) is a transatlantic conversation of sorts between London based artist Aaron Mclaughlin and Chicago based artist Grace Miceli.  This is a larger zine, 11.75" x 8.25", that was published by a great press in London called Fourteen-Nineteen.  They were each using old textbooks, cutting out and rescuing the images from their out-dated tautological confines by turning them into strange psychedelic collages.  Its a playful collaboration; the collages seem quick and minimal, based primally on aesthetic response.  There is a vibrant mysticism and sense of wonderment: the floating geometry in the sky, the upside down mountains, and the entranced cat, perhaps a stand-in for the artists themselves, staring cooly into the prism's refracted light.





Grace Miceli

Aaron Mclaughlin


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