Nandita Raman: Remembering Absent Meaning

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It really is a fascinating thing when we observe how we use our memories. Based on our emotional status at a given moment in time, we can decide whether to hold back memories or give them out. Some memories are so precious that we can never let them go where as others we do our best to forget, expecting a new memory to come and replace the old one. Nandita Raman explores the concepts of memory and time when she visits her grandfather in Banaras and asks him to recollect his childhood home. When bringing up the question at different times, her grandfather would have a new and different approach in answering the subject. This sparked a curiousity in Raman to examine memory, objective reality and time.

"Memory and thought can only exist in time. A mirror, on the other hand is not subject to duration. It has nothing of the past, the reflection is in the now, nothing is retained. Here, in the no-place of the mirror, the present as the fleeting instant, the past invoked by this moment and the future memory of this reflection might simultaneously come together. What would be the relevance of memory if there were no past, no future; in timelessness?" -Nandita Raman

Nandita is a recipient of the Daylight CDS Photo Awards and her show Remembering Absent Meaning is opening on Thursday February 2nd at the ICP-Bard MFA Studios.


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