C/O Berlin Book Days

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As visual human beings, we are rapidly moving into a world where we view articles, news, information, and photography, on screens rather than on paper. With recent innovations such as the Ipad, Kindle, and the Nook, these devices have enhanced and changed our experience when viewing a 'photobook'. However, the (literal) photography book still stands as a great and powerful approach when it comes to displaying a carefully curated and studied project.

To observe this great medium, C/O Berlin and International Forum for Visual Dialogues have collaborated to bring you the second C/O Berlin Book Days at the Postfuhramt (May 25-26). This year, there will be a variety of presentations, books, lectures, talks, workshops, and exhibitions to immerse the participant into the world of the photobook. Also, C/O Berlin is calling for applicants to send in your recent publication project for a chance to be exhibited and financially supported. The Deadline is March 31, 2012.



To apply please email: