Lisa Kereszi: Conceiving Executing Viable Fine Art Projects

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With improvements and accessibility of camera technology, it is rather easy for anyone to buy a camera and start taking pictures. We photograph random as well as common moments in our lives and garner a large body of work with no central meaning or end in sight. While there is still value in this methodology of shooting, the Palms Springs Photo Festival has conceived a workshop, led by Lisa Kereszi, that will show image makers the importance of working in a series.

Calling emerging and professional photographers alike, this 4 day workshop will consist of shooting, reviews, and crtiques to help the participant determine the next step in their photographic careers. While exploring the three dimensions of Kereszi's work, Interiors, Landscape, and Portraits, she will discuss the importance of judicious editing, the production/sale of a print, and how to find your own unique voice as a fine art photographer. You will learn how to focus and shape your ideas/concepts so that the process of making work and presenting work to potential galleries, institutions and publishers will be refined. And when all is said and done, how to maintain your fine art image making career.

The days of this workshop will be April 2nd - April 5th and the tuition is $925.


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Lisa Kereszi