Full Frame Documentary Film Festival

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"A Festival like this offers a sustained, concentrated exposure to the sheer emotional power of documentary filmmaking, its ability to communicate the drama embedded in human experience. In Durham last weekend, you could walk into the stately dark of the Carolina Theatre and lose yourself in real life." -A.O. Scott of The New York Times

In this day and age, documentary films are becoming more and more prevalent in our connected culture. Whether it is to inform, a call to action or an expansion of ones perspective, documentary films have played a very powerful role in the way information is spread to the masses. The Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, as an annual international event, has dedicated its time and energy into making a theatrical exhibition of documentary film works.

The Full Frame Festival is a four-day event, inviting filmmakers and film lovers alike, to the historical town of Durham North Carolina. Come out to experience a vast array of over 100 films, tagged along with discussions, panels, conversations, and good ol' southern hospitality. Within the four-block radius, the festival gathers an atmosphere that encourages conversations between artists, students, and the public; ultimately increasing the appreciation for the art of documentary filmmaking. The festival takes place from April 12th to April 15th.