Gazed Upon: Curated by Amy Elkins

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As humans, we all form our preception of things by our life experiences, and our observation of action and consequence. As we grow older we start to make choices on how we perceive things and whether to embrace these perceptions or reject them. In an upcoming show at the Ampersand Gallery, Amy Elkins has curated a show that questions the viewers sense of seeing.

"We are presented with three artists who challegence standard notions of 'beauty' perception, causing a schism between what we think we see how we might read or interpret it." -Sarah Palmer

The three artists are Jen Davis, Cara Phillips, and Stacey Tyrell. Using their respective mediums, they have been brought together to encourage the viewer to adopt a deep gaze to the object that is presented in front of them. In addition, Ampersand will publish an exhibition book entitled Gazed Upon and will be printed in an edition of 100. The exhibition is open until April 24 at the Ampersand Gallery.