Children's Eyes On Earth, International Youth Photography Contest, Festival, and Exhibition 2012

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"This exciting global initiative will give children and teenagers a platform to show how they see the natural world, and the chance to discover some of the challenges currently facing our planet." -Children's Eyes on Earth

It is amazing when you see a child, at such a young age, take a camera, make a photograph, and say with the utmost pride, 'I made a picture'. Whether they are taking it seriously or just playing around, they take a personal interest into seeing through the viewfinder, pressing a button, and looking at their results on a small LCD screen. Children are the future of our planets health and photography is a great way to get young people invested in what they see in front of them: our planet.

The theme for this years competition is 'I Love Nature, I Fear Pollution' and anyone ages 17 and under can submit their images. The deadline is September 5th 2012 and the images will be judged by an international panel, alongside one winner who will be chosen by you the viewers. Prizes include laptops, SLR cameras, iPads and more.

This project is supported by National Geographic and World Photo Organization.

Information and Submissions:

Image by REZA, National Geographic Photographer and organizer for Children's Eyes on Earth.