Call for Entries: Road, A Juried Exhibition Conceived and Curated by W. M. Hunt

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'Where does this road go? Been livin' here all my life, it ain't gone nowhere yet.' -Michelle Shocked 'Arkansas Traveler'

There is a call for submissions for an upcoming show curated and conceived by W. M. Hunt, entitled 'Road'. A road may be a simple strip of tarmac that can get a person from point A to point B. Or maybe, based on life experiences, the road can surpass the literal interpretation and mean something much more deep and profound to each individual. Whatever this road may mean to you, W. M. Hunt is asking for images that take place from transcendance to travel, based on the 'Road'. The deadline is September 15th and the winning recipients will be exhibited at the Castell Gallery.

Information and Submissions:

Castell Gallery: