Orion Magazine Presents Landscape and Loss

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How is the hallowed tradition of landscape photography changing? Where can its most exciting new practitioners be found? How does it intersect with documentary photography?

This Thursday, October 23rd, Join Orion Magazine for Landscape and Loss, a special live web event featuring photographer Matt Black, to discuss photographic projects which depict landscape to tell a story. 

Matt Black's most recent body of work, After the Fall, chronicles the story of Santiago Mitlatongo, a town that sits on a landmass that is moving about a yard per day. 

Says Black, "While people were busy salvaging what they could from their toppled houses, they saw that the entire horizon had shifted—the forest above town didn’t quite line up any more, and the road leading out wasn’t just torn up, but no longer even pointed in the right direction. The chasms and sinkholes continued to grow until they formed a vast semicircular tear surrounding the village."

To register for the conference, https://cc.readytalk.com/cc/s/registrations/new?cid=ylw3l7h8d51s

Tuesday, October 23rd at 7PM