Hearst Corporation Announces Winners for the 2013 Biennial 8x10 Photography Contest

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Out of 1,600 entries, the judges for the 2013 8x10 Photography Biennial Contest have narrowed it down to 8 winners and 10 honorable mentions. The winning recipients of the competition will have their work revealed at the Hearst Tower on April 2, 2013. Attracting over 1,000 entries in its first year in 2009, the 8x10 Photography Biennial Contest has grown considerably in the amount of interest/applications since its inception. And with high caliber judges like Roberta Myers, Alexandra Kotur, John Demsey, Matthew Pilsbury, Timothy White, Yancey Richardson, James Danziger, and Yossi Milo for this years competition, viewers can expect a display of exceptional photography. Be sure to stop by the Hearst Towers on April 2nd.

Press Release: http://www.hearst8x10.com/press_release_2013.pdf