FotoFest 2014 Biennial Meeting Place Portfolio Review

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Drawing over 120 professional reviewers from around the world, FotoFest Biennial Meeting Place Portfolio Review is not only the world's largest portfolio review program, but is also one of its most generous. Standard portfolio reviews are complimented by free access to a range of exhibitions, workshops, book signing events, lectures and artist talks. And with an annual show of ca. 500 photographic artists, the networking possibilities are endless and diverse. Hosted in downtown Houston over the course of 16 days (March 15 - April 2), the Meeting Place Portfolio Review is a unique happenstance that fosters personal artistic growth and nurtures the world of photography at large.

For more information about FotoFest 2014, click here.

For specific questions regarding FotoFest 2014 and/or the application process, please contact: Alonso Tapia-Benitez, Meeting Place Associate, at or call 713-223-5522 ext. 13.