PHotoEspana: This Year's Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts Recipient

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Created by the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport, Spain's Gold Medal for Merit in the Fine Arts was awarded yesterday to PHotoEspana, the International Festival for Photography and Visual Arts. President of PHotoEspaña, Alberto Anaut, has stated: “We are honoured and proud to receive this award, in recognition of a project that, from the outset, has sought to enhance public awareness of the work of the world’s best photographers and visual artists, and to promote the development of Spanish photography. At the same time, this award pays tribute to the institutions, organisations and brands that over the years have done so much to support photography and the visual arts, and that have helped to make PHotoEspaña a unique partnership-based festival. What’s more, the Medal has come at the right time, just a few months before the 17th edition of the Festival, which this year will be devoted entirely to Spanish photography."

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