We Were There

Sandy Carson


Hardcover, Bound-in Vinyl Record
ISBN 9781942084389
List Price: $45.00

Youth culture, the live music experience, music fandom, stage divers, crowd surfers; We Were There is a book dedicated to the live music experience -- a fresh document of concerts and festivals, as seen from the space between the band and fans. Carson's lens focuses on the fans' joy and fixation, as being close to the band is akin to a near-spiritual experience. We Were There offers an alternative and contemporary angle to the typical live music book. Here, the camera is turned on the fans, allowing them to tell the story behind the music. The project also serves as a self-portrait of music fan and photographer Sandy Carson, also a musician himself, who has been on both sides of the stage, barrier, and photo pit.


Sandy Carson is a Scottish photographer who has exhibited nationally and internationally, from Texas and New York to Switzerland and Scotland. His commercial clients include the New York Times, The Huffington Post, Rolling Stone, Nike, ESPN, and Disney.