Gays in the Military

Vincent Cianni

ardcover, 8.5 X 10.5 In. / 256 Pages / 70 B+W 
ISBN 9780988983151 
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“...images and interviews attesting to the struggles and triumphs, dignities and indignities of gay and lesbian service members.”,
- The New York Times Sunday Review, March 9, 2014

Also featured in The Huffington Post, ABC News, Vice UK, Slate

Photographs by Vincent Cianni 

Through compelling photographs and interviews made over three years on road trips across the US, Vincent Cianni (born 1952) has created an important historical record of the struggles of gay and lesbian veterans and servicemembers in the US military. As the Human Rights Commission attests, the US military has a long history of civil rights abuses against homosexuals, with harassment and discrimination frequently resulting in lost careers. In many cases, these men and women—highly skilled, well-educated, patriotic, courageous, and productive—had attained high rank, received numerous medals, and held top-level jobs essential to the military. With essays by Alison Nordstrom, Don Bramer and Alan Steinman shedding light on the cultural, personal, and political consequences of the ban on homosexuality, this volume tells the stories of men and women who served in silence, and oftentimes were penalized and prohibited from receiving the benefits accorded them for serving in the military.