Two Way Street

Gretchen Grace

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ISBN-13: 9781954119192
96 pages; 45 Photographs
8  x 10 inches
$45 US

Gretchen Grace is a photographer living in New York City. Two Way Street combines early black and white film work from the 1990s/early 2000s, and more recent street abstractions captured digitally. Through candid portraits of the people of New York and found compositions from the fabric of the city, the combined work tells the timeless story of the everyday in the city.

Gretchen Grace is a photographer, an artist, and a designer. For the last 30 years she has been photographing on the street, mostly in New York City, but also on streets around the world.

Julia Coddington practices street and documentary photography. She curates Women in Street and co-founded the Unexposed Collective; both platforms promote the female voice in street photography. 

Carin Berger is an award winning designer, author, and illustrator. She is also a curator, and the founding member of The Pen and Ink Brigade, a group of women activist artists.