The Light at the End of History

Abbey Hepner

Paper over Board, 8 x 10 in / 144 pages / 85 Color
ISBN 9781942084976

List Price: $50.00

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The Light at the End of History: Reacting to Nuclear Impact presents photo- graphs from artist Abbey Hepner’s decade-long examination of nuclear energy, the atomic bomb, and radioactive waste. By capturing distinct marks in time, Hepner makes visible the ongoing, often invisible, relationships with nuclear technologies.

Abbey Hepner is Assistant Professor of Photography at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. She holds a BFA in Art and a BA in Psychology from the University of Utah and an MFA in Photography from the University of New Mexico. Her work has been exhibited and published internationally.

Kirsten Pai Buick is Professor of Art History at the University of New Mexico. She has been the recipient of numerous awards and fellowships, including the David C. Driskell Prize for excellence in African American Art. Her second book, In Authenticity: ‘Kara Walker’ and the Eidetics of Racism is in progress.