Sarah Tulloch: ObjectImage

Sarah Tulloch

Paper Over Board, 7 X 9 1/2 In. / 128 Pages  / 40 Color Photographs
ISBN 9781942084372
List Price: $45.00

“ elegantly designed book…”,
- Hyperallergic, June 20, 2017

ObjectImage is an argument for the inconspicuous.”,
- Musee Magazine, July 21, 2017

Photographs by Sarah Tulloch
Foreword by Marjolaine Ryley
Contributions by Matthew Hearn 

Sarah Tulloch: ObjectImage is a poignant approach to the physical material of a photograph and a re-imagination of it into new forms.

ObjectImage roots itself in album collections of the artist and others that are linked to the social tradition and history of documenting family. Through collage, Tulloch maintains a thread between past and future with her ability to form new connections within the image composition. The work continues to evolve, including through its usage of contemporary newspaper images. Tulloch's use of photomontage allows her to refocus the media, recompose the image and ultimately to rediscover and repurpose the photographic subject.

Sarah Tulloch holds a First Class honors degree from the Bristol School of Art and a Design and Distinction, Master of Fine Arts from Newcastle University. She concentrates on a close-range investigation of found photographs as both objects with specific material qualities and images in themselves. Her book, published by Daylight Books, is supported by the Arts Council England. Tulloch has been exhibited by Plus Arts Projects, the Mayor's Parlour, London, Baltic 39, and MIMA Emerging Curators.