PORTSMOUTH: Collected Saturdays

Ken D. Ashton

Paper Over Board, 10 X 7.5 In. / 112 Pages  / 50 Color Photographs
ISBN 9781942084327
List Price: $45.00


Portsmouth, documents the deindustrialization of the small River Town of Portsmouth, Ohio that sits on the side of Appalachia.

Portsmouth: Collected Saturdays is a volume of images that show the hardship of deindustrialization, floods, and crime in Portsmouth, Ohio. Ken D. Ashton's photographs show the other side of Appalachia with its fair share of unsuccessful socio-economic undertakings. Through the acute scope of Portsmouth, Ohio, Ashton portrays the macro effect of deindustrialization on small-town America. Ashton investigates the urban landscape, finding signs of depopulation through abandoned lots, homes, and restaurants. He explores how the influence of urban landscape affects our thoughts, actions, and imagination.

Ken D. Ashton's photographic work explores urban neighborhoods that experience transition as well as communities that have remained intact. For over fifteen years, Ashton has worked on Megalopolis, a photographic encyclopedia of communities from Washington, DC to Boston, MA.