Paradise Wavering

Alice Q. Hargrave

Hardcover, 8.75 X 11 In. / 128 Pages / 55 Color 
ISBN 9781942084167 
List Price: $45.00 

"...dreamy and mysterious images of some of nature’s most captivating scenery.",
- Musee Magazine, October 6, 2016

"...a photographic stream of consciousness that travels through lush flora, fauna, and tropical biospheres…”,
- F-Stop Magazine, July 17, 2016

Photographs by Alice Q. Hargrave
Contributions by
Allison Grant
Kendra Paitz
Rebecca Solnit
Sandra Binion
Ralph J. Mills  

Paradise Wavering is a photographic stream of consciousness that travels through a reservoir of memories. Alice Hargrave explores experiences that reflect on the passage of time and seeks the sublime in moments on the periphery of daily life. By interspersing the work she currently makes with re-photographed vintage source material from her family's archive of 8mm films and snapshots, she melds past and present, alluding to an uncertain future, where environmental angst pervades. The resulting curvilinear narrative is fractured, frayed, and stained in color, as are our memories, and photographic substrates themselves.

Leading through prairies, mangroves and tropical forests, the photographs are inspired by the heroic landscapes of early travel photography, vernacular family pictures, and the first color processes such as Autochromes. They embrace, but also recontextualize, and reimagine the clichés of documenting family travels where photography's role is to harness exotic flora and fauna or "Kodachrome" moments from a moving car, her liberal and intuitive use of the vivid, visceral colors of recollection eclipses reality, inscribes emotion, and reveals how photographs literally color memory and perception. Color itself becomes a subject, leaving behind its mood and patina as a shroud.

In addition to Hargrave's photographs, Paradise Wavering also features an essay by Allison Grant, an interview by Kendra Paitz, and two excerpts from Rebecca Solnit's seminal book Field Guide to Getting Lost.