Issue #4, Israel/Palestine (Mandarin PDF)

Daylight Books

This issue of Daylight Magazine, one year in the making, compiles work by photographers examining the situation in Israel and Palestine. The nuances of this highly complex and volatile relationship could only be conveyed by a number of photographers examining parts of the whole, from the dwindling nomadic Bedouin population to the interiors of homes in the West Bank. We hope that this issue provides a unique perspective on a small, contested area of land fraught with religious, social, and economic tension.

Featuring portfolios by: Simon Norfolk, Luc Delahaye, Kai Wiedenhofer, Paolo Pellegrin, Ahikam Seri, Ori Gersht, Gilad Ophir, Noel Jabbour, Noa Ben Shalom.

This Mandarin version is available as a PDF download.